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cute crossdressing
nothing dirty and /y/ worthy
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DBZ doujinshi scanlation

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Author: Izayoi Aya

Fandom : DBZ

Featuring: Mirai Trunks/Gohan

Summary: This DBZ TrunksxGohan doujinshi is a classic. Some of its scans were floating on the internet even before Boxer & Rice was created and are still floating which proves its ageless inner qualities. It’s a compilation of several romantic, humorous, parody and smutty situations between Gohan and Mirai Trunks done by different artists carefully selected by Izayoi Aya. I especially recommend “The Aladdin you don’t know”. Last but not the least, it contains a three pages novel “Baby and Me I” which we fully translated. Discover more in this awesome TrunksxGohan Yaoi doujinshi!

Source/Download: http://gohanxtrunks.net

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Gintama thread, anyone?

I'm especially looking for some Hijikata.
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/cm/, because of you, I have countless folders filled with pictures of specific anime/manga/games that I have never watched/read/played.

Show me yours.

(One of) mine: Kingdom Hearts
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Anyone know what this is from?
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It's Bad Ass

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Okay guys, we've all had our fill of sugary fluff, now it's time to spice things up. Show me the most bad ass pictures in your folders.
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