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ITT Graham
Oh , how I miss him ;_;
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/cm/, I`ve become a big fan of this character.
Would you be so kind as to increase my folder?
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Go go go!

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Can I have your cutest Bakuras and Ryous please /cm/?

Oh, and a Marik is fine too. :O

Jade / Zelos

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Is there any artwork of Jade and Zelos together? This anon wishes to get a folder for these two. :(

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Can't wait to see Turkey animated, 'cause we Turks rock.

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Earthbound/Mother thread.

Pokey appreciated, but anyone will do.
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Henry Townshend

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My Silent Hill /cm/ folder is sadly lacking in Henry pictures. Can you guys help me out?

I'll dump what I have. Solo is preferable, but paired is fine.
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Endless Frontier/Mugen No Frontier thread

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/cm/, I beg for your help. I can't find any art concerning this awesome game. Would you happen to have some?

Prefferably of Haken Browning, since I have nothing of him, but other male characters are welcomed too.