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Can we have a male Miku thread /cm/? I have very little of him ;_;
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Hughes thread please?
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Okay... This is just an honest question.
Please don't get yer knickers in a knot or anything, 'kay?

Are we allowed to have a HUMAN Transformers thread? There's nothing offensive about that, is there? It ain't robots, after all.

If it's okay, let's do it! If not, thanks for the info.
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Innovators 7

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Last thread maxed.

Titeria continues.
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Let's start again, /cm/
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Any one care to upload their folders of 8059 or 6918?
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Hey guys. Star Ocean thread in (belated) celebration of First Departure's English release?

Art from any of the games is fine, because I'm pretty sure there isn't enough SO1 /cm/ fanart to fill a thread out there period.
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male side of a hetship

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Be honest, /cm/. You like to ship some guys with women.

ITT Men we prefer to hetship

Pic incredibly related.
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Some TomxJerry please!
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