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I'm looking of pictures for guys who have that 'You know something is seriously wrong with me' and/or 'I'm might kill you' look. What can I say?
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General Reborn Thread 50

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To celebrate thread # 50, let's have some hot kisses.

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Innovators the eighth

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SZS No. 33

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Lol or not.
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Hey. Can we have a Pandora Hearts thread?
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Haven't been able to find anything for Pit, and though I've never played, I do love him. Help me with building a collection?
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Samurai Spirits/Shodown

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General Gundam 00

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Immortal Colasour edition in celebration of the return of our favourite cockroach.


I think this is thread number 57 or something...?
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'Bawww' thread. Let's max this, /cm/.

Gin Thread Part 2!

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Because we need more. NEED.
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