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My Hayate folder is lacking, help, /cm/?
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Yu-Gi-Oh VI

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Balthier and Basch

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Cm, I've had a shit day, help me out. I'll start if you'll chip in. I'm all for sharing the goodness.

Either of them paired with anyone, including each other.
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Lockon x Tieria 4

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Last thread is maxed, lets start again!
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Monster #4

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Previous thread
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ITT: series where you unexpectedly found the gay. For myself, Moyashimon, because gothic lolita traps in a show about agriculture and microbes still breaks my brain.
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Hibari thread

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Either him alone or with another person
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Porky is a cute male, right /cm/ ?

Can we have a Porky thread?
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I am seriously lacking Aizen pics. Help me?
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