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Lloyd Irving thread is go!
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Post that boys that the first time you saw him, you cannot believe it was a guy...

Mine is Isabella from Paradisse Kiss...
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This might be a strange request, but I really love the bishop from Dogs.

Does he have any fanart?
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Like a hurricane

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I demand an Ike thread. I don't have enough.
Both Brawl and Fire Emblem images are welcome.
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Justin Law

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Help me collect some art of my favorite Death Scythe, /cm/?
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/cm/, I used to have a Death Note picture folder that would make most fangirls cry. To my horror I looked at this folder today and realised nearly everything is gone.

I want it back, /cm/.

So let's have some Mello, Matt and Near.
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Scrooge Thread

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If I hear one more Christmas carol I'm shanking someone.

DMC Continuation

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The previous thread reached its limit, continue here!
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Since we already have a Phoenix Wright thread, can we have an Apollo Justice thread?

Bonus points if it's Klavier but not gay lawyer stuff. I'm all for gen though. But...I suppose I can't be picky, can I?

(I likes me some DaryanxEma though)
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