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male side of hetship 2

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Last thread maxed.

Men we like to hetship 2.

Now included: men you think are straight in canon, and you like the romance, but you still slash them anyway!
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Suzaku thread #3

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Previous thread here:>>1138230

.rar of thread #2:

Anon posted her personal Suzaku collection in the old thread here:

Yes, Anon has too much time.
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I'm disappointed, /cm/.

Where's the Phoenix Wright thread? Tut, tut.

Bonus points if it's Phoenix/Edgeworth. Not much of a fan of the Apollo Justice series, so can we keep it Phoenix!Lawyer era?

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Hey Anons, I think you guys remember this game? I have yet to see a thread on this game, and it makes me sad.

Bonus points for Beat!
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I have a challenge for /cm/. I need pictures that could reasonably be this guy's twin. Preferably without glasses.


Tenipuri 10

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Thread maxed
I'll continue with the sakura bromides
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Alle x Tieria plase? ;_;
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SonicxKnuckles thread. Bishi-style pics prefered, but not necessarily required.


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Lets have some IkexSothe around here.

Preferably from Radiant Dawn.