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Name That Doujinshi

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Not many games to be found on /cm/ lately, thought I'd try one myself. Simple really, post a page from a Doujinshi and the next person tries to guess it. They post a page from a Doujin of their own and the cycle continues! I'll start with something I think is pretty easy....


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i propose a thread. i recently caught up and have gotten obsessed and wanted to share what i've scrounged up. sorry that it's reborn.
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Urahara Kisuke

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I just realized that my folder of this sexy shop keeper is slim to none!
please help /cm/!
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Let's see what you've got, /cm/.
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Ryuusei no Rockman II

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New thread!
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Solo Yoite thread now ?
Reposts are fine.
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Simon x Viral

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Come on guys, I know you can do it.
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We have threads for Kaiji, Ichijou and even Endou. Howzabout some motherfucking Kazuya?
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ITT: Togainu no Chi

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Bonus points for non-Viskio charas
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