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Casshern 2

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Last thread maxed, I'm proud of you guys.

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Natsume Yuujinchou

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SuzaLulu #9

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Old thread:>>1138778

.rar of SuzaLulu 8:
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Code Geass?

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I want to see guys from Code Geass who aren't usually posted.
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Lelouch #6

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Previous thread:>>1137682
Keep it going, guys.

.rar of thread #5:

A slightly-outdated .rar of Anon's personal Lelouch collection (posted in previous thread):
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Time to get some gay robots up in here /cm/!

Rockman original series!
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Toua Tokuchi

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Tenipuri IX

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Old thread 404'd.
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General Terra E Thread 2

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Surely we can have MOOORREEE?!?!
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