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Shinji and Kaworu 4!

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Anon delivers new thread.
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General Reborn Thread 49

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And because the weather channel announced that it may snow this week, and I dearly hope it does, this threads theme is KHR winter and snow, if nobody minds.
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Can we have FF6 time?
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Someone posted this a long time ago, I tought it was a fun game. Anyway, I start with posting a pic of one guy in it. The second person posts a pic with two guys, the third person a pic with 3 guys...and than it goes on and on. It's fun to see how far we can go, like a picture with 20 guys or something.
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Oh Baby! It's cold outside

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It's that time of year again. Can't go out without a few layers to save you from the cold. Come on /cm/ let's see how our boys dress for the season! Scarves, mittens, knit caps, sweaters...
Bonus Points for rosey cheeks!
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Continuing from>>1173017because it maxed and I'm not bored of flooding yet
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