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Big asses/ Thick Thighs

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last one is mia
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pic related
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how bout a futa thread with huge balls? i'll start

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ITT. Latex bondage, living suits

Sauce of this pic
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Fictionmania is down, /d/, and google is doing me no good. Does anyone know where to find a collection of Dawn Hamilton's illustrated stories?

Pic related.

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any fetish, lets see your faves
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enjoying to serve

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Hi /d/ I am looking for "encouraging" Pictures of Mind controlled/ obedient slaves. Not this blank stare and lovedoll position of most pictures but where they really are enjoying their state and it just "makes total sense to obey Master with body and mind".

Hard to describe, but I really want to become like this.

I'll start posting some for your pleasure
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I seem to be missing pages from this comic thing. Will post what I have, hopefully someone can post the rest?
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Sup /d/?

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My current #1 Fetish is Monster hunter related pics. So lets get this gravy train rollin. I will post what I have every for the next few minutes.

Oh, and if anyone has the pic of the monoblos girl stuck on a wall being fucked from behind that would just make my day.
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