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WTB Non-futa thread
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/d/ Anal

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Anal, /d/ style.
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So I was thinking we could have a machine thread. Fucking machines or milking machines, both are good.
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Incoming futa comic...
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why do panties feel so good?
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Monster girl thread

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I think it's time for new monster girl thread I'll start with image from my favourite monster girl artist noise.

I have also made complete collection of older images from http://monster-girl.homelinux.net/
~500 images per achieve
I think it's more comfortable to download collection than looking at images one by one
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/d/ I fear I have developed a fetish for snake girls/Lamias, do any of you share a similar fetish? And if so, post pictures

inb4 Life With Monster Girls, It's what gave me the fetish in the first place ;____;
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tinkerbell comic

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can someone help me or direct me to the whole series of this comic, pic related
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