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Can it be women-chained-like-slaves time?

Moving /d/

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you guys are the experts, /d/, so ill ask you. What are some good futa vids to download? HARD MODE: no bible black
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Reliable erotic artist needed

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The Situation:

I have a fully developed erotic comic book project with an emphasis on LI called "Stuffed Animals" (copyrighted 2007) in progress. Project spans 4 issues of 24 pages. Could be easily extended to 12 issues. Comic is to be distributed online only, unless a reputable publisher makes an offer. Subscription to website will be required to view each page as they are released to members in high res every other day. Other related artwork and materials will be available to members. membership fees will be low in order to generate volume.

Web hosting is arranged, coding already lined up with reputable company with billing mechanism in place. Script of issue one complete, scripts for issues 2-4 are in progress and will be complete within 3 months. Financing is in place.

Three separate artists have signed up to do this project and have failed miserably. All three have provided above average art but have failed to be reliable and to produce on a predictable schedule. You have seen some of their work here on BBW-Chan and on other sites.

The Job:
So, an opportunity exists here for an artist with talent to make a name for themselves and potentially a lot of money. Anyone interested who thinks they can be a PROFESSIONAL and produce quality art on schedule, under good creative direction should apply.

Artist will be paid by the page and also receive a generous cut of the website profits. Only 4 of 24 pages will be required to be in color. Color pages are paid at double the fee for B/W pages. No inking is required. Artist should show a genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter and can contribute to the overall creative process and storyline if they have the ability/desire.

This is a real project with real funding, a dedicated writer, an experienced creative director, a female erotic consultant, and qualified technical staff.
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Let's have another /d/iscussion, shall we - though, this one is more focused than the previous one.

Inspired by the thread about Mind Control and Hypnosis which is going to die soon due to age, let's discuss the concept of 'control' in a relationship.

Let's talk about the dom/sub relationship - which one are you (or would prefer to be)? What are some of your more favorable experiences as one or the other? Do you prefer such things in person, or have you only experimented with this online (or never discussed it before)?

It may be uncomfortable, of course, for people to discuss horror stories and such, but if you are willing to share those, that is fine, as well.

As a subset of this discussion, what is your stance on mind control and hypnotism? I am interested to see both sides of this discussion, as it was intimated that many people here in /d/ are quite staunchly against the destruction of the persona - in real life. However, in the context of fantasy, it is quite exciting to just as many people. Why is that?

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Muscle Girl manga

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post your favorite futas
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