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Hours of meticulous research went into the creation of this image.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my back hurts, I shall go have a little lie-down somewhere.

Glorious Tentacles!

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Lets have a fine and /d/andy tentacle thread, peoples.
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Saw this on Gurochan's /f/ board and thought of you /d/
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Does anon know if there is a translation in the works, or a good place to get it commissioned?

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Birth / Egg laying thread.
Pic related.

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No you didn't!!!!!!!!!

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is this fappable? also anymore haruhi futa would be great.

inb4 mikuru's milk
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Women Raping Guys

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Commence Reverse Rape Thread
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Hey /d/! I need some Christmas present help.
My boyfriend requested that I make an outfit similar to <= this, and I was hoping you kind anons could provide me with some more examples to use as references. (Different crotch pieces, different necklines, tit accessories, etc.) I want to go all out on this one.

Also: General femdom thread. (Or "gb2 /cgl/")

Thank you!
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this one's been around for a while, but can anyone tell me which series this is from? Thanks!