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ITT we post anything except dmitrys shit

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Of course you can ignore me and post dmitrys garbage anyway, but then you will prove to all onlookers that you are a fag. Your choice.
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this one's been around for a while, but can anyone tell me which series this is from? Thanks!

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Hello fellow /d/eviants.

boyfriend and i are up for new things to try in bed, but we aren't sure what to try. halp. in return, tits.
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More like this!
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/d/ worthy rule 34?
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Missed out on futa...

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This was posted not very long ago, it's called Exotic Syndrome. Unfortunately most of the pages were missing, and the topic was deleted/bumped off the last page before I could get much of what was there. Anyone have the whole thing (or a link to it)?

Anyone have the rest of this Fairy manga? PLEASE!!!

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Sauce? :D
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/d/! can help to find femdom hentai?