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F-Ism Vol. 13

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Hey folks, couldn't find this uploaded to RS, nor have I seen any threads about it, but looks like it was released not too long ago! So, after some searching, finally came across it and decided to share with the rest of ya.

Here's the RS for those who want to DL it right away:
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Multi-cock futa thread

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Any number 2,or millions!

Also i don't konw the sauce of this one it's a cg,so if you got the SAUCE...GOR THE LOVE OF GOD POST IT!
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More SW

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Any more of this
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PokePorn anyone???
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Hey /d/
what ever happened to Tilt Mode?

It was one of my favorite Futa comics.
It was supposed to be a three part series, but I don't remember ever seeing the rest of them.
Anyone knows if they even exist?

In return for informations, uploading-
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Hey guys!

Lets have another BEST OF /d/ Thread.
1. Post pic
2. Name/ Artist
3. Rapidshare/Megapload

I go first.... Futabu: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=flvtv9dz
Pass: s. 1-4


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are there any hentai/anime that have gender transformations?
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Dammit, /d/. It's friday. That means feet.

Dickless preferred.
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