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neko thread nao
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Chidori from Persona 3

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Lets do a Chidori thread?
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Soul Calibur

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Can we do it?

Just found Xbox the first; A.K.A: The big mutha box, and copy of Soul calibur two - finding material of intrest is hard even on internets...

The Major

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Let's see how much good Motoko there is.
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can it be vampire time now plz
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help help help anonymous

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sorry for this stupid question.i'm simeon sherman,and i'm a 15 years old boy with a nationality liberian.but i'm now living in ivory coast because of the war in my country.i grew up with my grand mother who has passed away.may her soul rest in peace.i wasn't given the chance to see and know the love my mother.i also don't know my father is alive.you may ask my the question.but how do you manage to eat,live,and come on the internet.or may advice me to to go and see order people or find someone to whom i may explain my problems to.but i have done that many times and the first almost let me to prison and the next almost take away my life.About the food.i help the market women and they give me something to eat.and i beg for money in order to come and ask for help.and it has been almost a year that i've been asking help but no one to answer.sometimes i feel live killing myself,but the only thing that gives me hope is my grandmother.she say i should work hard to become someone better in the future.i'm here to ask anyone willing to help me in the name of the Lord.i want to go to school and learn and accomplished the mission my grandmother left me.i don't know how you can help,but i really need your help.i'm looking someone to adopt me.

I haz onlee one thing 2 say 2 U

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Damn it... I just woke up and I'm already being a noob...