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>Not trolling Apple's Live chat
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First time on /g/, came from /v/ and /b/, /b/ was first one i found. Dont blame me for coming from there. I was just wondering if anyone had more pics like this one. Basically more guides to building PC's and such, Im using a custom built computer my dad made a few years back.

TL;DR More pics like this
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/g/ I'm tired of threads about nice battle stations. This thread is about the most pitiful battlestations you can find. CRT's, retail computers, dirty, disgusting, and down right bleak setups are all welcome.
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Don't mind me, just dumping some cheatsheets.
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/sci/entist here, I'm trying to make an ultra resilient time capsule and need your help.
What I intend to put into it is the entire english, french, chinese, japanese and russian dictionaries (with pronounciation if possible), about 500 textbooks, 25GB-ish of scientific papers, and all of the patents filed in the past half century, and the entirety of wikipedia. It's intended to survive in a dark, dry box for up to 500 years.
My question is: What's the most resilient method of storing digital data that's available to me? I was planning on using two Spinpoint F3 1TB drives (with the same stuff on) but if there's a risk of magnetically stored data being degraded I'd definitely like to use something physical also.
Also, suggestions on what else I should stick in there. So far I'm thinking two or three of the $25 ARM system-on-a-chips someone posted here, along with some kind of basic OS that can decompress files.
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Hey /g/entlemen. Get you take a look at my build?

My dad said as long as I can build it myself I'm allowed whatever parts (well technically no, cause I showed him this and he looked really pissed). So, will this be hard to put together?

And no I'm not trolling. This would be my gift for my birthday.
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I lost my battlestation folder in a freak accident. Please post the first picture of your battlestation folder or original content to help me start anew, /g/.
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macrumors thread, go.
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