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hey /g/.

i just installed ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal on my alienware m17x. i was wondering if anyone could help me find all of the drivers for the lighted keyboard, and particularly for the little "caps-lock" and "num-lock" signs on my keyboard, because they won't work without the drivers, but I can't find them for ubuntu. can /g/ help me find them? and yes i googled it so don't ask.

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Ask a professional hacker who works for the government anything.

Pic related, it's where we exchange sploits and hacking tools.

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what kind of music do you listen to
while hacking or doing other computer related work?
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So I'm soon about to buy a couple of earphones and I'm leaning towards Head-Direct RE0.
Are there any others in the same price range?
How about the bass? I've heard that it's sort of weak on that end. Is that something that can be helped with a simple headphone amp like the fiio E5
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>no native mp3 support
>no native mkv/h264 support
>no native avi/xvid/divx support

This is why Linux will never be popular, these things are absolutely ESSENTIAL, fuck your freetard shit, if this isn't there by default you're just a joke.
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>kill most dangerous man on earth
>"dump" body in "ocean"

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Apparently, /g/ was in charge of PSN security.
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Does anyone here have a trustworthy file source for a compiler and IDE written for c program?
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What are your expectations for the iPad 3, /g/?

For me these are a must:

1080p resolution
stereo audio
A6 processor
retina display
HD up to 128GB
USB/Thunderbolt port
10-12 hours of battery life
50% thinner than the iPad 1
at the most, $600 starting price
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