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hey guys I just bought a new computer today and it is a apple how do i torrent and watch anime
I used to use utorrent and VLC on my last computer but what do i do on here?

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Fire 'em up.
Speccy thread.

Vostro 1500 - working better than any Apple iShit since 2008.

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Sup /g/,

I reinstalled XP yesterday and now I have problems watching youtube videos. If its above 240p, it'll be choppy and the higher I set it 720p is a frame a second, the worse it gets. It already did this before I reinstalled XP (but not as badly) along with game crashes. Both are even stronger now after reinstalling XP.

Any thoughts?
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I'm interested in getting into Arduino, and I was wondering, Uno or Duemilanova?
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Question time:

I've had my Droid X for a year on Verizon and I want to jump on the dual core bandwagon (looking at the Samsung Galaxy S II or Droid X2 if the rumors of the S2 being $900-1000 prove to be true). Will I get any sort of discount for already having a contract with Verizon or will I have to pay full price unless I wait for the contract to be up and renew it?

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Did you know..?

Did you know that Windows 7 converts any lossless wallpaper to JPG? That is right, you can't have a wallpaper without at least some compression artifacts on Windows 7.
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why to buy sandy-bridge if ivy-bridge is near to came out?
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>working on stuff in lab, just me and some other guys a couple computers away
>Have headphones on, can't hear shit
>They get up to leave, notice out of corner of my eye that they seem to be laughing at something
>Pause music without taking off headphones
>loud grunting and moaning can be heard
>mfw they left browser open to hardcore pornography site and planned to leave me twisting in the wind when the next class came in
>mfw I just closed it and went back to finishing my work