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for some reason chrome started to act shitty and I can't fix it.

This thread is about browsers. Why is your browser the master race?
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>Don't own a laptop
>Get aunt's laptop to "fix dem viruses"
>Click "Connect to Network"
>See tens of unsecured networks
>change names, fuck around with settings

You guys ever do this for fun? I've gotta say, having the tiniest bit of knowledge about computers is great.

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I was wondering if /g/ could help me set up wireless network for the house that i'm moving in to. What i'd like to know is, since this would most likely be a wireless internet set up because i can't drill holes and i'd like to avoid the roll of cables running through the house as a tripping hazard, what would be best for having about 6-7 gaming computers, a file server, and a entertainment center? I was thinking about getting a small firewall router, connect that to a small switch, and run two wireless routers where if i could just limit the amount of people on them or assign each person to one of them. The picture was kind of the first rough draft of what to do with the file server, but after looking at the place we're planning on moving in to, there really isn't a computer that can be hardwired into the network.

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Hello /g/. Is is possible to find out an IP of someone who recently created a website? If so, how?
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Hi, just a quick hard drive question.

I've been needing a new hard drive after my old one failed. Not wanting to risk loosing data im gonna go for 3 hard drives in raid 5.

Anyways, im wondering which I should get for raid 5, 3 1TB Seagate Barracudas, 3 1TB WD blues, 3 1.5TB WD green, or 3 1.5TB seagate barracuda greens. They're all about the same price.

tl:dr seagate or WD

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just installed ubuntu.
any linux related backgrounds?

pic unrelated

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To use a Zombie virus analogy, Windows users are the ones running about in a mad panic as the Zombie hoard approaches, blocking highways and running to get away. Mac users walk towards them saying, "Zombies dont exist on Mac, I could never get infected". Linux users fled to the hills six months ago with as much fuel, food and porn as they could carry.

Over the ear headphones

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Hi /g/, im currently looking for a nice pair of over the ear headphones, i really like the Bose OE ones but are a little pricey for some of the reviews I've read on them, same goes for Dre beats. I was hoping for suggestions on what to get, or what you have and how u like them. price range preferably under 200 dollars.

tl:dr Need nice over the ear headphones under 200

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Well /g/, I fucked up my PIN Code and also lost my PUK Code for my mobile phone. Is there any way or any computer software that can hack my phone and tell me the code?
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