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>Creepy radio station/number station thread

1. Go to http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/
2. Tune to one of the lit up stripes
3. Find and post creepy stations here


I find that the stations toward the middle that consist of single stripes are the scariest. You can also listen to music stations if you tune more toward the extremely thick spectrum on the far left.
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Hey /g/ got any pictures of your old rigs? I mean like from the 20th century.
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ITT: Op has some fun seeing how long it takes to completely fuck up winxp beyond everything within a virtual machine

pic related, installing now
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OP deleted his thread and went back to Reddit; let's keep mocking him here.

The Explorer icon looks like a folder! Amazing.
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Hey /g/
In a few weeks or so, I will have enough money to build my first rig.
Now this isn't a BUILD ME A RIG thread.
This is a tell me what brands are good and what brands are bad.So I have something to add to knowledge when doing more research.
Or just give me a personal love/hate story about a certain brand.

>tl:dr What brands are good & bad for each

Cooling etc

<pre class="prettyprint"> Thanks in advance /g/ </pre>
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Haven't seen it in awhile

Cheat sheet thread

Dumping what I have. Feel free to contribute.
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Well, /g/, not all of you have the wonderful privilege of having to deal with "OHEMGEE ANON'S SMART WITH COMPOOTERZ LETS HAVE HIM DO IT" and so today I let you experience that feel.

I was recently given a computer to fix by a parent who complained that their "family laptop" was not working properly, and it just so turns out that the main user of the computer is a jabroni.

So, let's go on a magical adventure of Jake the Brony's Computer and Fixing It.
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Site is down because FreeBSD is a piece of shit. I know, joke's on us for using FreeBSD. #ba-dum-ch
24 minutes ago from Twitter for Mac
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