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Lightweight, but still powerful software for linux

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Let us recommend lightweight software alternatives to each other:

These are what I prefer, and why. I really hope that at least some of them are new to some people.

Compositing window manager
Unagi. XCB based.

Terminal emulator:
St terminal. Even lighter than urxvt

Window manager
MCWM. XCB based, extremely lightweight.

Image viewer
gpicview. most lightweight image viewer I have found with GUI.

Console Image viewer.

File Manager
PCManFM. Not THE most lightweight, but still supports automatic mounting of USB devices, trash and GVFS in general as well as desktop backgrounds and icons.

yeganesh. "intelligent" dmenu that shows most used software first.

Tint2. Most lightweight solution I have found that has both taskbar and systray.

Know any better alternatives? Please post!

And of course there are tonnes of other software that I have not mentioned.

I am especially looking for the most lightweight alternative available for a text editor. Leafpad does not support syntax highlighting and gedit does not launch immediately, does not feel snappy enough :).
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Hey /g/ents, i have a question, my dad works in a motel and well some client forgot a laptop and after the 60 day wait time no one called up, so he got to keep it. Anyway when he turned it on this screen popped up right after the boot up screen. I thought i could just format the hdd and install win7 but i couldnt access BIOS. any ideas? also what are these little microsoft usbs? (next picture) perhaps mice adapters?
thanks gents
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RMS general

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That feel when RMS walks into your office to talk to your co workers about security and privacy issues in our latest articles

He's still sitting right here next to me
we talked for a while and took a picture

Ask me anything
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Watch and learn

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Hey /g/
You could learn a thing or two by listening to this guru.
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What would a shared /g/ house be like?
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>Be an IT tech

Customer: yes, hello, my computer dosn't work

Me: Please explain, in what way dosn't it work?

Customer: i dunno, it just won't go

Me: won't go?

Customer: Yeah, when i press the button it starts, but from there it just won't go

Me: ah have you checked that there isn't a breach in the quantum-flux condensation chamber?

Customer: (confused) what?, u mean that glowy thing? no

Me: hold on, i'll materialize there in a sec

>mfw her heisenbug aligner wasn't slotted into the phase-drive compensator
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Which color is best for fps again?
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>buy prebuilt computer
>take HSF off
>take CPU off
>put HSF back on
>return the computer
>free CPU
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Let's see how skilled /g/ is.

There is a skimming device (whether it's one or multiple components I won't say) on this ATM.

Can you spot them?
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Chinese woman presenting a Nokia smartphone
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