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SOPA general?

>4chan shut down
>4chan servers moved overseas
>moot declared enemy of the state
>escapes to Europe
>Americans can't get on 4chan anymore

pic related, American internet in 2015
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It's 2011. We have ships that can fly through the air, robots that can build cars, and I can talk to millions of people around the world in real-time.

So why the fuck do I still have to use cheap paper to clean my anus?
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Today i have a surprise /g/
i went to the national archives the branch for audio visual data preservation. MY uncle is the director there so i got a nice look into this. Figured you /g/uys would enjoy this.
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New rig, build from scratch

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The motherboard is sold out :( Any suggestions for an alternative with similar features/price point?

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I got bored, so I installed public printer for you guys.

Download drivers: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads/black-and-white-laser-printers/ML-1750 "Print Driver,PCL5" is fine

Add a Printer
Add a network .... printer
The printer that I want isn't listed
Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname
IP address:
Custom, settings.
Choose LPR. Queue name: samsung, Byte counting enabled.
Have Disk, and use these drivers that you downloaded before

And yes, I stole idea.
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/g/ humour thread?
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First Gaming Build - $1000

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hey guys, this is what i'm thinking for my first midrange gaming build. I have $1000 dollars to play with. any recommendations or comments would be great!
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Questions and Answers

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After receiving further requests via email for a Q&A session, I've agreed to do that here while I have a bit of time. I just returned home from a flight so I'm a bit sleepy. Forgive me if my answers are short or I'm not able to reply to everyone's questions. My first visit to this online community left be confused as I saw nothing but inane comments and couldn't figure out how to post messages properly. One of you kind gentleman was able to explain to be how the board software works. Apparently new threads require an image. He also suggested I use a "tripcode" to distinguish me as the original poster. Hopefully I understood his instructions correctly for how to do that.

This gentleman also informed me that you are already aware of my position at the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the free software movement and that a detailed explanation won't be necessary. Given that, I'll move straight to the questions and answers.
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/g/ should buy their own island

This one even has smaller islands to keep people from arguing too much.

Only $65,000 CAD
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