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ITT - Funniest /g/ related pics you have
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Why don't you type your captchas in bulk?
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What in the FUCK could the answer to this be?? I've tried everything I can think of.
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>UC Berkeley scientists have developed a device that allows your imagination to be recreated in digital video
>the produced video is blurry now but scientists expect it to become a perfect one to one mapping within 10 years

Remember that girl you had a crush on in high school but was too afraid to approach? You can now rape her in your mind and have a porno of it produced
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So now that my mom kicked me out and I've run out of money, I've moved into this shallow cave on someone's farm property. There's this old unused barn around 100 feet away that I'm running my power from.
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Oh God help me /g/, I had to go outside to meet a friend.

I'm outside. Right now.

It's cold and I'm not wearing a coat. Should I go back? They might be another twenty minutes and everyone who walks past keeps looking at me.

I never should have left my room.

What should I do? Go back?
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Behold, /g/. Behold the depths of human stupidity and despair, brought to you courtesy of Yahoo Answers.
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Has anybody here had any experiance with the Dell U2410? Is it as good as dell claims and is it worth the money?
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Whats the most trouble /g/ ever got into?
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So what does /g/ think about schools implementing the use of "ipad's" to completely replace textbooks.

Please keep in mind that these will be given to 1st - 12th grade public schools.
>My mother is a teacher for an elementary school, they will be using them in 3rd to 5th grade to replace textbooks.
>Each ipad cost the school of 1300 students 800 U.S. dollars.

Just so you can rage, my mom was over joyed that she would get one.
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