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Reasons why I LOATHE facebook.

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1. The bloody invites people sent me in my email account. Needless to say, I deleted them from my contacts and now use an email which I will only hand out to people I actually want to stay in contact with.

2. I caved when it first came out and joined up to see what the hype was all about. Honestly, it was the most self-indulgent crap i've ever seen. Y's raving about who's farm was better than X's, People treating other people like a commodity and thinking they're better than you just because they have a higher friend count.

3. People you barely even talked to or maybe ONCE passed in the hallway at Secondary School adding you thinking you're their long, lost mate. Same goes to the pricks that made it the most miserable 4 years of my life.

4. Relatives adding you, especially when it was ones you don't even like.

5. Song lyrics as status updates, Jesus Christ that just screams "Attention Whore".

6. Whenever an individual started University they would go by the logic the number of photos taking=the better the time you had.

7. Another rant on photos, people going to the same club or pub every week just to take a photo of them sitting in the EXACT same place just at another angle.

Well done facebook, you've devalued the word "friend".
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Where is our rage-at-tech-retarded-people thread?

>ITT: Share a "A Thousand Facepalms" situation you've had to experience.
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Photo Dump: How to build computer

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Built this about two weeks ago. Finally got the pictures off my gf's camera.

Step one:
Buy components.
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Google is at it again with What do You Love.
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Traps and gentlemen, good morning! Prepare for a very lengthy image-dump thread.

It starts with shoes, but I promise it will turn much more interesting (and very technology related) about... 30 images from now.
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/tv/ bro here, I have a question:

What's the best cellphone 200 bucks can buy? I wanted to buy a used iPhone but I dont like Apple (I have a dual boot with Fedore 15 and 7) and never used an android phone.

I hope this question is on topic, sorry if its not but /tv/ is retarded when it comes to technology
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Doubles decides what I do with these floppy discs.

Nothing obscene, I have one USB floppy drive.

Doubles decides
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So, /g/, i can't sleep so i scratched together simple program that enables 2 cleverbots to talk to eachother. But still human must initiate conversation (provide initial input).

First response tells what will be said to first bot.

Pic related: dat source & test conversation
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Hey /g/ I need some /g/ related pictures. Ill start, I would like more like this.
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