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Have you noticed how much shit the internet has become now?

I don't think I'm romanticizing the 90s internet, but the web today seems very bland.

The web has become just as monopolized as regular businesses. As soon as someone thinks of something new, the major site picks it up and so the smaller sites become lost.

One of the problem that I have with the internet is that so much of it is just rerouted bullshit. It's blogspam that is cited by blogspam which finally reaches the major websites.

It is convenient that you can find alot of what you want on one site, but it was very fun to have to search across a multitude of sites to find what you were looking for.

Where is the web going? Is it just going to be a handful of websites? You have myspace and facebook covering pretty much all of the social networks, Fark and Digg for news rss, and it goes on and on.

Anyone else feeling the same?