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Random thread filled with some of my favorites.

Announcing the launch of Selections

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We will be translating several untranslated stories in our first volume, and feature several classics alongside them.
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We're gonna have ourselves a good old-fashioned blowjob thread.

I won't go so far as to say no censored, but let's try to keep it to a minimum,
ie; Thin black bars = ok
Girls sucking on a giant mosaic = not ok.
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New release from Kusanyagi:
[Kudo Hiroshi] Survival Girl Ch. 06
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Hai guys

I'm from /b/

Whats up in /h/, today?

Good hard non-consensual dickings

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Sequel to>>1379490
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I feel like posting random pics. So I will.
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Love Subordination ch 4

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Finally finished chapter 4 and here you go
please visit my blog and http://hidoihentai.blogspot.com
i could use some QC and cleaner for now
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I need sauce of this pic.

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I have a request, I wand a rapidshare, megaupload, etc. of the doujinshi that this picture is from. The characters are from Persona 4. In the mean time, I will post Persona 3 doujinshi to not make this a shitty request thread. (which this basically is)
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