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Manga: Pretty Cool
Artist: Sengoku-kun

Have fun!

http://www.filefactory [DOT] com/file/cb338db
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I will give you the best fap of your lives


Ojousama wa H ga osuka
By Bosshi!


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Tifa Lockhart

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Choose your Top 5 Artists:
1. Kotoyoshi Yumisuke
2. Takehiro Miura
3. Chousuke Nagashima
4. Amatarou
5. Drill Murata
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Kira Hiroyoshi - Chijio Wakusei (Planet of the Lewd Women)

Have fun <3

Link http://xuta.me/wakusei
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Zelda Hentai
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This, brothers, this manga.

Is pure gold, excellent artwork, beautiul ambient.
EVERYTHING! also, uncensored.

Dendrobium by Nishieda.

Please enjoy.

Link -> http://xuta.me/dendrobium
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Hentai Music Videos

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There was a thread a few months ago about hentai music videos. It's time to post them, specifically the ones we can actually fap to.

Here's one that focus mainly on blowjobs from different titles of Teruaki Murakami. Don't know the name of the song.


Feel free to add more.
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Shit that pisses you off in hentai.

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I've seen a few threads on /v/ where they talk about shit that pisses them off about 3DPD porn, so how about we have one for 2D? Not just cliches that you're sick of like "my hips are moving on their own" or "I'm going to get pregnant with Onii-chan's child"; I mean stuff that annoys you about the medium itself. For example:

>browsing a doujin site
>come across a doujin with a really hot-looking cover art
>download it
>first few pages are fucking hot
>suddenly, dickgirls, watersports, guro, or other /d/ shit

As for pics, just dump whatever.
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English Translated Hentai Manga & Doujin Dump #1

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Felt like doing another giant dump...i forget what number this is, so let's start with number 1 again =)

to start off with

A Midsummer Night's lewd dream [Oda Non] (Full Color!)(English)

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