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Lately I've been trying to improve on my perspective and dramatic set-up. I just randomly got this idea last night, so I sketched it real quick before I went to bed.
If you would please, redline and mayhaps doodle/recommend some ideas?
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Hey /ic/ a lot of people have a tendency to draw, or 'doodle' while they're on the phone. Have you ever saved any of your 'doodles'?

I doodled the ugly dish while on the phone with mah momma.

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Hi all. Hope this is the right place to post this. I am interested in sculpting, but have zero experience. done a dew mediocre models in the past, but nothing to write home about.

Anyway is there a part-time job out there where I can get more experience helping a sculptor?

Pic unrelated.

Vector Brush Much?

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Ok, so this is the first time I'm putting this out in the open and am looking for input. What have I blatantly forgotten and what could use some touch up?

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I made this for when moot had a 4chan logo contest. All the entries must have really sucked, mine included.
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