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these are my videos i made while bored
they are supposed to be stupid and funny


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Hey /ic/,

You get this often I'm sure, so a quick answer would suffice.

I'm looking to do some sketch and paint work on my PC. Vista. Recommended tablets? I'm looking around the 4x6 Intuos3 ...

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Rip in to me, /ic/ Tell me how to fix any/all the flaws I made in this.
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I am a humble visitor from /o/. Reciently, my best friend since I was 5 died. I would like to get a tattoo in his honor, and can only think of one thing thats fitting: Yoshi wearing a flat brimmed baseball cap (he dressed like a wigger and we always cracked on him about it) with a diamond stud earring. I can't find something this crazy on the web, and cant afford to hire an artist to draw it up for me.

So, /ic/, if anyone has some free time? Any size/skill will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
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I call it the Zen

Made possible by Flash MX

Wut you guise think? Even if you're not a car person.

I have a couple more in the works, like a couple lines and all. Most look like this one though.

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what does /ic/ think of my first drawing evar?

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So tomorrow I have an drawing project due, its anything we want with any kind of media.

Problem is I didn't have time to do anything and im already on 4 hours of sleep.

So I have this painting i did about 4 years ago that fits the size requirements of the assignment. It was done in water color, pretty high quality.

I was thinking of turning that in. I already changed the dates and junk.

I am not good at art or drawing or anything, so i don't know the loopholes here.

If I were to say that I worked on it a week ago, would someone, namely my art teacher, know I'm bsing it?

Is there anything incriminating about water color done 4 years ago vs water color done a week ago?