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There's a picture of abstract art, and I don't know the name of it. I'm trying to find a picture of said piece.

-Light blue background at the top, turns to a felt green nearer to the bottom
-yellow continent shaped object in the foreground. takes up the whole picture widthwise.
-woman's head attached to yellow mass at the top-right. She's got brown/red hair.
-abstract plant things under the continent, random shapes fitted 3-dimentionally into the yellow mass.

I probably didn't give enough information, but thanks for the help if anyone has any idea.
Pic unrelated


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I want to start painting. Problem is, I don't really know where to start. What materials should I get? What paints are easiest to work with in the beginning? Any good starter guides or anything? Canvases? What?

Sorry that I suck at life, but I hope you guys can forgive me and endow me with some of your infinite and vastly superior art knowledge. Please?
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plz to critique

first real go in illustrator, coloured in photoshop7 all mouse no tablet (saving up for one)

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