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Oh Hi. Fix Me please... If you know where to start.

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I made this
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Oh, how I wish I hadn't drawn some times...

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Halp. I need ideas for the background and halp with the guy. Redlines and critique are welcome and encouraged.
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i know this isn't /r/ but i think it's more likely one of you will have/know of a place i can get a detailed diagram of the human circulatory system

pics in google are all shitty

my nightmare

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Nightmare 1: it started off with me watching a man getting out of his car, i cant explain what this man looked like he was just all black with a hat and clothes on, a white buttoned up shirt, with overall baige pants. i remember he was walking towards his house door, i believe he just got off work, and he see's his wife with another man, they both had clothes on, i believe either the man was trying to grab and kiss his wife, or she was looking at me after kissing him surprised ive come home so early. the next thing that happens is they take it out side the two men, and thats when i become the husband, the first thing that happens, is the other guy grabs a golf club and hits me on the side of my head, i feel dizzy, i start running down this bridge, it kindve looks like the new york bridge, and this guy is running behind me just wacking me in ear over and over, and i see cars driving by slowly and distorted everythings so messed up and distorted like a drug trip, and i notice these 2 boys following me on there bikes on each side of me, there twins i believe, thats when i start rolling my eyes too the back of my head and i see the kids heads formed together both there eyes are rolled back into there head there faces are distorted upward and long, and there both have there hand at there chest dangling. thats when i wake up trying to get out a scream but my breath wouldnt let me, and i finally do. my eyes were rolled in the back of my head when i woke up and my hands were at my chest dangling. it was a horrifying experience i went straight to my moms room and slept on her couch, looking out into the dark afraid of those kids.
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Dear /ic/,
I know this isn't really the place for it, but please give me some ideas/sketches of penises to tag.

I only really tag penises.

More related to /ic/, though, how should I go about learning to draw?
Study anatomy first? I mean, what do you guys suggest, in steps?
Thanks in advance.
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i got hacked in da!!!!!!!!!!

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early stages of value, will up the contrast considerably later

looking for help with the hands especially
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