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Art Resource Links v2.0

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Sup d/ic/ks, I have another present for you.

In return for the list, I only request that you post more links that aren't listed, and that you give credit where credit is due. This list took more than a few hours for me to organizes, so I hope you find something useful, you ungrateful bastards.

> My "Tutorial + Tip" Archive ::

> My "Resource Links" v1.0 Archive ::

> 1.0 Backups (Credit to Lump and whoever made the other site) ::
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Hello /ic/, I have a present for you. H-here I go !
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Tutorials and Tips

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This here's a tutorial/tip thread, because the other one currently floating around is trash.

Don't post useless shit, don't post random bits from Loomis unless it relates to a tip.

Starting the thread off with the progression of a drawing (original artist unknown).

>Ogre Marshall (1/8)
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Hello, I am an aspiring manga artist. I have made a lot of mangas and my friends and mom think I am really good.
So I decided to share some of my works with you. I really hope to find a publisher some day and even work as a professional artist. I would like some critique on my art. I know the lines are too thick at some places but I'm sure that's not a big deal :)
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Love Your Fellow Artist

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Hi ic, wanna see my animu?
A challenge to whoever can improve this!
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I'll just leave this here.
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how i make not so animu?
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Lets see if you can help me, /ic/.

Long story short, I did something I never thought I'd do; I stopped drawing for an entire year. I blame it on the fact that I recently moved houses and changed which parent I was living with. That and the fact that my new room is far smaller thanmy old one.

Here, I just feel flat and unorginal and just can't be screwed picking up a pencil. I've let someone who I've always competed with in art get FAR ahead of me, which feels really bad for some reason. I really MISS drawing, but I just can't bring myself to do it, like I'm scared.

So my question is this, does a change in scenery/lifestyle actually effect how creative I am and how I express it? Or is it just me?
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New draw thread continued from
Last one reached limit.
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