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Best Digital Art Software?

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Good afternoon /ic/

Which software is superior for digital art?

Photoshop (Regular/Elements)?

Because paint.net often produces cartoony art work.
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Concept: person putting pieces of a jigsaw up, the one she's holding in particular will have the part of her that the piece is covering. (Something like that.)

Her stance looks shaky however... among other things. I think it's her right leg that could go back a bit. Suggestions?

80s metal wonderland

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most of my art is based of heavy metal and welll yea

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What do you think I need to work on? I mean, I think I'm pretty good.
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tatoo i made up to look like a crosshair but also spell out the word "chizo"

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Is anyone else amazed by the shit that gets famous these days?

This is not good art.

Art may not be totally objective, but jesus christ, cant someone do better than this? Just because its random and quirky doesnt make it inherently good.

please tell me someone else agrees.
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Dammit /ic/

I got a problem. I drew this a while back, and I don't think it's good enough. I also don't know how to color it. Can you help me?
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