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sup /o/,
So basically I want to learn how to modify cylinder heads.
I want to do it properly and make a flowbench to measure any improvements I make.

Does anyone have any information on building a flowbench?
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Well I have a pretty sweet build in mind I want to see what /o/ thinks. First some basics, it is a 1.6 liter 16valve SOHC L4. Fuel delivery is MPFI, Ignition is distributed. Compression is being dropped to 8:1 as to be forced inducted (turbocharged).
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Sup /o/ my right back up light on my Volvo 240 isn't working, I've tried everything, what the hell can I do to make it work again?
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im desperately looking for Bilstein heavy duty SPRINGS for Honda CRV, anyone know where i can find these? they seem to have gone out of production.

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hey /o/, what do you guys think of the old dodge GLH cars?
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Hey /o/ need a car with AUD $5000. Shit will hit the fan if it doesn't have airbags. Also i was hoping for manual..Sorry about yet another what car is good thread.
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Saw Fast Five over the weekend. Anyone else think it sucked balls?
>>The chase scene with paul walker, vin diesel and girl was stupid. If she was preggors that fall would have killed the baybay, no doubt. And all the destruction from the safe and shit? How many civilians died b/c of those fucks for some money? Retarded. And Letty or however the tits you spell her name... alive? a 6th movie now? Good lord.

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Gimme one good reason not to put a 2jz into a shitty looking volvo 240 /o/.
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Playstation Network will be back up this week!

Dgaf about the email i got saying my info got leaked... most of it was false anyway.

As a reward "Sony is giving each user 30 free days of PlayStation Plus premium services as well as a selection of free downloadable content."

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