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For reals
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Dutch M.D. Delivers Thread.

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening lads.

Sorry for not returning back on the old thread last week or so but I managed to get a private flight back to Amsterdam, and when I came back to a pc it was 404'ed.

As always I'm open for /HR/ Requests, but please one request per post, old cars > Almost none.

Link tot the rars:
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My nissan silvia s13 q's has good acceleration between 3-6 thousand revs. trying for any higher than that is slow gain. is this a normal function of an older car, can it be brought up to speed?
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So, none of the cars I can find meet my preferences and happen to be sold in the US, including kit cars.

The only solution is to design and build a car myself.

What do you think would be a good way of going about that?
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Thoughts on the FFR GTM...
Also Kit car general...
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Ford trim tips?

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Hello /o/ brothers, i have a question for you guys.

So, I drive a Ford Granada 2.3 (1984) that i inherited last year, and Ive fixed it up and got it approved and got the signs on. However i want some more power of it.

Do anyone of u have some easy trim tips?

Its a 2.3Litre V6 with Carburetor, i was thinking a better carburetor would be my first step, does anyone approve of this or should i do something else/at the same time? t

Thanks for your time bros.

pic related, a Ford Granada.
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Allies (U.S., U.K., AUS, EUR., JAP) Racing

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Lets get some racing photo's of the countries who have been friends for decades and in some cases almost a century and a special thanks from this American for all your help. We dont forget our friends and we will be there when you need it.
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where is your god now
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Sure you could buy an FJ, Land Rover, Xterra, Hilux, 4Runner, etc...

But then, of course, you would have to live with the feeling that you chose second best.
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