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Times you lol'd driving

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>Driving down empty 2 way street
>something catches the corner of my eye on my right
>2 kids hiding behind a tall wooden fence aiming there plastic rifles at me and pretend there shooting
>they're like 8 years old
>At first i was suprised, then i lold, then i d'awww
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Hey /o/, I'm curious, what is horsepower? Like I understand the concept of torque and how it applies to a car and everything, but how exactly would you describe horsepower? What is it's actual purpose when you're talking about a cars horsepower?
Like more torque can tow a heavier load for example, what can more horsepower actually do? I'm just confused about the concept.
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Post rice
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So the old fuck down the street called the cops on my car, apparently i do the following:

> i blow stop signs
> i speed
> car is to loud
> no front plate
> park the wrong way

Looks like its time to drive 30mph in first gear at 5000 RPM when making a complete stop right in front of his house, and flooring it when i leave. But not enough to squeal the tires cause that would be ILLEGAL

Does anyone else have problematic neighbors?
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If fnf was a film made for fine gentlemen...

You don't possess the financial stability, chap.
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Wheel boots/clamps

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So I just got home from work, and find a lovely wheel boot/clamp on my truck. Normally I would rage, but this time is kind of a wtf? My truck is in my drive way. Yea it is in my drive way... Now I have lived in the same nabber hood for over 10 years. Bought the house from my parents 8 years ago well be for the home owners association ever was established. I like other people that have been home owners here for over 7 years do not belong to the HOA. Nor do I have to. But this is the second time they have come on my property and done this, and to top it off they want $300.00 to take it off. So I say fuck that I am going to cut it off. I go out side grab my angle cutter and start cutting it off, when what do I hear! The little high school drop out that is the Security guard come up and say "You can't take that off. If you keep trying I will cll the police." Long rant short, Should I sell the damn thing on Ebay or what?
Pic kind of related, it's this type of clamp/boot
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Old race cars.

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>Just sold POS motorized bike back at home in Pasadena CA
>Considering / hoping to sell Cherokee to girlfriend's family soon(sad, but two cars is pricey... and she'll still be mine to use).

So with some of the extra cash, I am going to replace her with one of these fucking glorious contraptions.

My schwinn had the same motor, but it was UTTER shit and I'm pretty sure there was a crack. This on the other hand is quite a looker (with quite a pricetag) but it's cool as fuck.

What do you think /o/? It's based off the Felt 1903 cruisers but with a motor... OH and it's 2.5k lolololololol

Also, I will be accepted by my girlfriend's Harley loving father.
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What do you guys think of my hatch? Show me what you got...
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As promised! Here's a fuck ton of pictures from the past week.

Warning, most of the first photos are from the GB car show so they are standard "front/side of the car" pictures, however the good ones come after =D

Also!!!! FINALLY set up a Photobucket which I will dump all the pictures I've ever taken... well the semi-good ones.


Fucking 4chan making me resize this shit...
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