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We had a cold front come through and after a few minutes of warming up my VStar, I hop on and try to take off but it stalled try after try. Once its warm it takes off fine from stops but I let it sit for a few hours, would only start with choke, warmed it up for only a min. thinking thats enough and again, stalls three times from take off.

I let the clutch out fine and had enough gas, been riding for a while but it is a new bike for me.

Is the Vstar that cold blooded or whats the problem? Do I just need to warm it up longer?


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About to buy this strobe set for my car... I need to know the strobe light sequence for police cars in the US.
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Hey /o/, anon just bought his first car. $100 with full tank and the only problem is the stay for the shifter which is crooked.

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get in here guize

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Dont mind me, Im just being a god tier motorcycle here.

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DIY Nitrous.

Anybody ever made there own nitrous kit?
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you have 10 seconds to post a good reason why your car DOESN'T have 8 cylinders
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Alright, i sold my 2004 Porsche Boxster S because i blew my tranny up.

I have >$10,000 and dont know what to buy!

Im now open to suggestions, and dubs chooses the color/name of car.
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Blue- Girl who owns the car
Red- Morons
Green- Me
I hate teenagers.
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Good night sweet prince.
You were the greatest form of automotive sport.
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