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Hey /o/

I'm starting an entry level technician job soon. I was wondering what tools you guys would recommend for me. I have a 158 mechanic's tool kit by Craftsman already. I'm thinking I should get a nice sturdy Flathead screwdriver (not the kind with removable heads) and and some extensions/universal joints.

Also, will they supply things such as Anti seize, lock-tight, and sil glyde?

Pic always related.

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Honda: VTEC
Volvo: CVVT + CPS
Yamaha: VCT
Mitsubishi: MIVEC
Rover Group: VVC
Porsche: VARIOCAM plus
Toyota: VVTl-i
Subaru: AVCS
Nissan: VVE
Daihatsu: DVVT
BMW: valvetronic or VANOS or valve tronic plus
Fiat - VIS
Ford - VCT
Hyundai: MPI CVVT
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so i lost about six grand on the value of my car in three years.. at the least

on a 16k car, what does /o/ think?

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anyone have anymore lazy eye pics?

also, flipup general thread.

pic related
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Amerifag's Daily Bike Thread.

Staring Special Guest, Amerifag's new bike.

>Bike Discussions & Stories
>Bike Questions & Answers
>Bike Pictures & Videos
>Bike Gear & Accessories
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What are these? One of the lines is ran along the upper radiator hose and I am not sure what the things are on the intake that I circled in the other pic.

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It doesn't look that bad, I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it
Now make it 200hp+ and AWD with a price tag of ~20-25k and we're talking

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motorcycle novice needs advice /o/!

my car is a hunk of shit and i am selling is as a parts car for like $1500. I have another $1500 saved up, so I will have about $3k (and growing) to work with.

I figure for my price range, i can either get a P.O.S. used car, or a decently nice used bike, so I am looking.

I have always liked the idea of having a motorcycle, but never had the necessity to get one..

What is the smallest bike I should be looking at? I am 6'6 tall and about 280lbs. im a big dude, so whats the smallest size engine i should look for?

suggestions of brands to look for and stay away from? any advice/help would be appreciated.
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one of these is a 2002, one of these is a 2012

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