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Post your ride!

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What cars are /o/ driving?

Post your ride!

< My smart
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>1,000 rpm
>No vacuum on boost gauge


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Im looking in to purchasing wheels for my sti. i want the wheels pictured but i cant find what sizing and or tires the have on it.

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2 seater car is best seater car
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Lexus is going to the shitter

How many more months before the name is pulled?
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sick of having only 2 seats in the miata, thinking of trading it but it hurts to see it go :(

what should i get? i was thinking prelude or 240sx?
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Hondafag general.
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Went to London and had a ride on these at Heathrow (not my photo, camera was still in my case)

It's kind of like Minority Report meets a London taxi.

I could really see these catching on. Imagine them instead of New York subway trains. You wouldn't have to stop at every station, just go the fastest route to where you need to go. Shame they'd get fucked up and filled with rats and piss though.

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/o/pinions? i kinda want to buy it 800bucks
wiki states the 0-60 is like 7-8 sec depending on model... i have no idea how that's possible with a tiny engine but ...
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Am I a faggoty ricer who's face deserves raping?
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