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Okay /o/, here's something new for ya...

You're going to build a car, you have the know-how and the components to build a custom car from scratch, tube frame and custom leather interior, no expenses spared whatever your creativity can come up with.

The only things too expensive for your budget are custom headlights and taillights, so you have to borrow a set of headlights from any make/model of car, as well as a set of taillights. The headlights and taillights don't have to be off of the same kind of car, but they can be if you so choose.

Which do you pick?

For me... DB9 tails with S5S raptor headlights up front or Opel speedster taillights and headlights off the new Elan.

If you want to be realistic and not include concepts, then instead of S5S I'd do 370z and instead of the new Elan, a C6 Vette.

Of course, my answer would change almost daily because there's just so many combinations, and picturing headlights flowing into taillights and building a car around it could give you so many options.