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Do any robots know a website

where i can make a

cheap custom t-shirt?
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i am female and have a nerd fetish
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In addition to being a chan-grade recluse, I just learned from my mother that I had mild echolalia as a kid - and I talk to myself. Can I self-diagnose myself with assburgers now?
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sup /r9k/. i've seen some threads here about people who work for Microsoft. So do I. Except I'm pretty sure I am higher up than they are..

Ask me anything about Windows or Microsoft. Like the other employees, stupid questions like: "WHY DOES WINDOWZ SUCK" will not be answered. Keep it constructive, and I'll answer.

Sidenote: Why doesn't any other company have employees that do this?
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A serious question for the denizens of /r9k/:

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What exactly is it that you want out of /r9k/? Do you want to stay the course and turn /r9k/ into a /b/ without reposts? If you do, say so; that's fine, i guess. Do you want to continue with the relationship threads, /relationships9000/? Do you want to continue arguing for hundreds of posts per thread about who is an intellectual and who is only intellectually posturing?

tl;dr: What do you want to see talked about on /r9k/?
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/r9k/, I'm writing a paper. What's your least favorite kind of meme (give examples) and why? Try not to confine it to 4chan memes but things that originated outside of 4chan as well.
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ITT: Sad Songs

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Can /r9k/ give me some songs to B'AWWW over. I was just dumped... ; ; Stupid men...
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Hey robots, here's an idea..

Post yourselves saying the following words. I wanna see how different people's accents are in 2008.


Random but a good share of vowels and r's there.

I guess I have a Lancastrian accent even though I'm technically Cornish.

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I just watched this movie for the first time and I must admit: it's better than most every modern sci-fi movie I've ever seen.

Most modern movies today are just high-budget eye candy, with no real focus on dialogue and plot. They lack the emotion and richness of classic old movies. Wouldn't you Gorts agree?
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