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Viking art thread, go
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Every time I try posting this it gives me an error, so I'll try again.

My DM won't allow me to play a Spiritual Lion Totem Barbarian because I can get a full attack at the end of a charge with 3 to 1 Power Attack taking away from AC instead of BAB.

So I've decided to try and make a similar build using a fighter. I don't get the full attack during the charge, but all the bonus feats make for great customization.

I have two questions:

1: Is this build reasonable? Do you think my DM will say LOLNO and disregard it because I'm using psionics, have to take a flaw and have a similar build to my barbarian?

2. How can I improve it? What kind of feats can I take to make this better? I ran out of feats to use at level 9, but only because I want Speed of Thought for the extra speed to make my jump better. In the event that I can't take psionic feats, is there a better way to arrange my feat selection?

Right now the party is at level 4, so the placement of the feats up until then really doesn't matter.

Any help is appreciated.

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suddenly I have £450 to blow

what /tg/ related stuff should I buy

inb4 hookers and blow
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Hey Elegan/tg/entlemen

Im thinking of buying these dice. I originally thought of buying some GameScience ones, but they charge double the price (27$) for shipping in Yurop. And q-workshop IS yuropeean, so it only costs +2.5 Euros

These dice are expensive, for sure (15 euros- 19$) but fuck, do they look awsome. So im asking you, are they worth their price? Will the paint start fading off after a few months of use?


Link here--> http://q-workshop.com/products.php?lang=EN&sell_type=DETAL&currency=EUR&category=Elvish%
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Chaos God theme songs.

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Combichrist has a lot of songs that would make good themes for the Chaos Gods.

Khorne: God Bless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5vpHgARaKY

Slaanesh: This Shit Will Fuck You Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHl5EO77Rn4 (ignore the shitty video)

Tentative Nurgle (not really squishy enough) What The Fuck Is Wrong With You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln0aVbWzV6s&feature=related

Haven't found anything for Tzeentch yet, but This Is My Rifle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ism2I3HCGU&feature=related) is PERFECT ImpGuard material.

And yes, I know about BoltThrower, and I'm not terribly fond of them.

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That was surprising.
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I attack with kedereckt creeper.
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What are the dos and don'ts of GMing a homebrewed Superhero space opera game?

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Spirit of the Century, /tg/.

Personally, what I've read so far seems great, but I'm not sure I could scrap together a group that appreciates the pulp aspects. Most of the people I game with are too selfish, too used to being grimdark and morally ambiguous.

Has anyone here ever run a game that had good party synergy and captured the pulpy spirit?
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