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Sup /tg/?

I just got the Twilight RPG, hoping to run a few games for some of the girls on campus, and get to know them better (freshman year). I actually got 2 girls who said they were interested already (and, um, one guy who overheard).

The rules seem simple enough, but there's very little fluff detailed, and since I don't want to read the Twilight books, I've come to you for campaign ideas.
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sup fa/tg/uys
I'm thinking about making some sort of space based campaign. But I have no idea what system to use. Thinking maybe GURPS? You guys have any ideas?

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beguiler's are top tier!
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Who here has ever decided to try creating a language for their settings, or just in general?

We saw a few people who had done so in the thread last night, and I thought it was fucking awesome we had linguistics geeks in /tg/.

What do you call the language? Why did you decide to make it? What settings is it for, if applicable? Is it largely done, are you still working on it? Can you share some examples with us or translate a few lines for us with what you have?
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OK /tg/. Little 40k advice.

I'm just starting out with tyranids. They're looking really fun.

However, I don't have a leader unit picked out yet.

I can get a broodlord for $20 bucks, but for seventy points, and since i'm just starting out i'm playing with a 500 point army.

Alternately, I can get three warriors for $35. As a base, they're going to run me 14 each (42) although It's been recommended that I give them a devourer and scything claws each, which bumps them up to 69 points total.

What's more useful? Mind you that i'm a college student on a limited budget.

Pic Semi-related.

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So, I've been in a game of Mage, and after almost a month of hiatus this gets sprung on me.
Everyone is rerolling their characters based on new rules for the Arcana, among other things.

We're all mechanically Banishers, in that we get ten extra merit dots, and but we're also allowed Order status for rotes. That was mostly already in place. What's changing is that the nWoD Mage Paths are being tossed out. We now get to choose our Major Arcana ourself, and then our Inferior Arcana is randomly rolled from the rest. I'm new to things, and I choe Moros. I didn't really look over much more than Death and Matter, and so now I'm into the corner, not sure of what to pick.

My character is a detective who uses his magic to solve crimes and catch killers, usually of a supernatural nature. In fact, the first thing we had tossed at us was a murder case. A serial killer going around and cutting people open, looking for something, and all sorts of supernatural hoodoo that went along with it. He moved from Paris to Strasbourg to become the Godfather of his old friend's children: a 15 year old daughter, and a 20 year old adopted son. His main motive is to be a good father to his new Goddaughter, and to keep people, (in particular the Sleepers who can't protect themselves) out of danger.
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Has any of your players ever baaaawed during a game because of what was going on with the characters?
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