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Hey guys! I know how much you like wizards, so I thought I'd show you this wizard name generator I made!

I just started it, and the wordlist is pretty small, so I need suggestions! Also, feel free to post the names you get if they're good!

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The World of Tomorrow

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"Build a New Life on a New Planet" they said. What a load of shit. I was stuck clearing mud off the landing platform for three weeks because some idiot decided to build the planetfall base on a damn flood plain. Not to mention we were stuck in fucking barracks for a month because the assholes in charge didn't bother to supply enough habs for everyone. We had to shower weekly because they packed the wrong filters so we were stuck using two water purifiers. I finally got my hab with all the water I want, only problem is it comes through the roof when it rains. The only thing they didn't lie about was the pay. Of course, there ain't anywhere to spend it in fifty light years.
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What happens when an A.I. learns how to cast spells and successfully becomes a Mage?
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Do you ever feel that the books of the games you play are written by people who have an entirely different idea than you about what sorts of games you'll be playing with them?
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There's not enough general sci-fi in here, /tg/, we need another starship image dump.
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You know what I haven't seen from you guys in a while?
Monster Dump.
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Sharing is caring

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About 4 months ago I made a thread celebrating GM's Day, where I uploaded any .pdf in my possession upon request.
Today I decided I would try to please /tg/ once more. Maybe if I spread the lesser known games around, we can have more than D&D/40k/PF threads.

Picture related: It's my RPGs folder. I don't have many splatbooks, mostly core books and sourcebooks, but no 3rdpartySplatbook#62. The main idea is to find new (rare) games, not rare material for already established games.

So just ask away, tell me what sounds interesting to you and I will prove you with a link! I can also show the insides of the folders.
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>I am no longer allowed to cast portal entry under the party with the exit 200 feet in the air when offended by disrespectful comments toward me.
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It's about time for a "things I am no longer allowed to do" thread.

>>I am no longer allowed to combine every flammable and explosive item the party has into one backpack along with my caltrops and a ton of broken glass.

>>I am definitely not allowed to use a scroll of greater invisibility on the dwarf and have him chuck it into the room with the boss while the sorcerer uses ghost sound to make her guards gather around one spot on the floor.

>>And when the DM collapses the cave to punish us for these shenanigans, I am MOST CERTAINLY not allowed to foil his plot to deny us loot by talking the cleric into a few judicious uses of Summon Earth Elemental and Make Whole.
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How would I go about designing a custom city for a campaign? I've got some basic storyline elements in my head, but designing the actual city itself is giving me some trouble - I just don't know where to start.
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