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Most Embarrasing Deaths in DF/KC

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Dwarf Fortress adn Kobold Camp.

Sometimes, yuo're ambushed by the most ridiculous things.

What's the most ridiculous death you've had in KC/DF

For me, probably being killed by Demonic Lemurs.

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Hello /tg/

In my spare time I've been designing a Mecha/Giant Robot based table top RPG to play with my friends once and awhile. I wanted to know if you guys had an recommendations on miniatures I could buy for this, as well as any ideas you guys have on the subject.


Classical battle music

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Time for another /tg/ music thread.
This time: classical / baroque style battle music.
Battle pictures are fine too.

Piazzolla's Libertango (music starts at 00:40)

GameScience Precision Dice.

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So, should I shell out $13.33 for a complete set? I dislike the idea of dice tending toward one side. My 3.5E Bard kept rolling horribly low on knowledge checks, and now I have an idea as to why...

But just look at those sexy edges...they call to me.

Thoughts? Thanks, /tg/lycerides.
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Who is your favourite Miniature Painter Ever?

What Miniature?

Pic Very related.......
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o-hoy /tg!

I'm craving moody one night adventures for WFRP. Can /tg deliver?
I think that black industries had a quite extensive collection of fan made adventures before but now i cant seam to find them....
anyway, recommendations on individual adventures or sites to get them. in return....... a dirty skaven

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What ever happen to the kislev /tg/? They're so cool.
Are they legal to play still?
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My DM won't allow me to play a Spiritual Lion Totem Barbarian because I can get a full attack at the end of a charge with 3 to 1 Power Attack taking away from AC instead of BAB.

So I've decided to try and make a similar build using a fighter. I don't get the full attack during the charge, but all the bonus feats make for great customization.

I have two questions:

1: Is this build reasonable? Do you think my DM will say LOLNO and disregard it because I'm using psionics, have to take a flaw and have a similar build to my barbarian?

2. How can I improve it? What kind of feats can I take to make this better? I ran out of feats to use at level 9, but only because I want Speed of Thought for the extra speed to make my jump better. In the event that I can't take psionic feats, is there a better way to arrange my feat selection?

Right now the party is at level 4, so the placement of the feats up until then really doesn't matter.

Any help is appreciated.

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I love shoggoths.
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