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angry marines special character.
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To the 40kers out there.

I'm just getting into 40k, and I picked up the 5th edition rulebook and the 4th edition tyranid codex.

The codex keeps mentioning fleet of claw on page 75 of the Core rulebook. However, since I don't have the 4th edition rules, all that's there are ship rules.

If someone could summarize to me what the tyranid ability fleet of claw does, I'd be much obliged.


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Sup /tg/

So, my players and I are getting tired of our DnD game and they want me to plan something they haven't played before, so I was thinking of a cyberpunk style game set in your typical dystopian future ruled by megacorbs and possible nazi type eugenically created uber people. My problem, it all seems done before with a lot of movies and popular books set in this genre.

Can you help me out by giving my some cool ideas to set a story around? Also, I was thinking of using the d20 modern rule set, because they are used to playing dnd 3.5. Does anyone have a better set of rules for this type of game?

Also, any cyberpunk type pics anyone would post that I could use as a visual aid for my players would be great.

Thanks /tg/
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Hello, fa/tg/uys, first time TG poster after a couple days of lurking.
How do I start playing D&D? What do I buy, and what do I read? How much will it cost? I have some friends who would be up to it, do they buy anything? Any advice would be a life saver.
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I need this

I don't have dollars

Where can I download it?
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Tankan tiem

Which is a better tank formation:
- A tight formation with 5-10 meters spaced between each tank.
- A loose formation with 100+ meters spaced between each tank.

I think a tight formation is superior, and this simple picture will show why.

These results may be directly applicable to various wargames.
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Hey everyone, I need suggestions for "random effects" that will happen at tomorrow's magic tournament. They need to be wacky, original, and as fair as possible. Throw some ideas at me!
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Rule 34 on Halflings. You can find stuff for Gnomes, but hardly any for hafllings. Frankly, this isn't right.
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