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It is my opinion that we, as humans, are a race with potential. We have abilities unique to our species and have mastered most other skills in some form or another. The one trait we possess that takes precedence over all the others however, is growth.

Look at us. Barely over 100 years ago, we were dying at age 40. Now the average is 67, and most live more! As our technology evolves, it enables other technology to evolve. It's a constant chain of reaction. Someone makes something, someone makes it better, someone makes it do more, someone makes something new that does it all and more, someone makes a derivative, someone makes a blatant steal, etc. etc.

Our rate of growth keeps going higher. The more intelligent we become, the longer we live. The longer we live, the more of us there will be. There more of us there are, the more intelligent we can become. Do you see where I am going with this?

Where are we going fa/tg/uys? Are humans going to transcend their organic bodies? Will it be disease or choice? Will the real world become Second Life, or god forbid, Transmetropolitan? Everybody is doing every drug; you're either dirt poor or golden toilet rich. Was Huxley right? And will we every be able to leave this world behind? Do we deserve to?

What if forego the modifications? What if we push into space instead? We research into terraforming. We begin with the moon. Then Mars. It’s successful. We keep going. We’re one of two things: the forerunners, laying down the building blocks for the future or we’re just another lucky cluster of atoms that grow into a sentient species.

I believe in the former, unfortunately. The modern world is gluttonous, narcissistic, and proud. The vanity of our race will be our downfall. We must either break away from this planet, from our extraordinary sense of entitlement, or we will end up as many of those that we mock.
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Dark Heresy
>Tech-Priest is on a road in a hive world
>sees broken mechanics in a doorway. Fix it for building owner.
>Five minutes later, fix something else
repeat every couple of blocks until party shoots you

Haters I tell you.
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sup /tg/
i wanna see the craziest, weirdest, stupidest minis ever. Help me out!
Pic related
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> DM: Okay, so Sean is playing a nobleman, Kit is playing his bastard son, Emma's some dragon lady, Nick is playing a member of a rival house, and Maisie wants to be an eight-year-old ninja. Pete, what did you roll up?
> Pete: I'm a dwarf.
> DM: Uh... I *did* tell you that this was a fairly realistic campaign.
> Pete: I want to be a dwarf.
> DM: But you *always* play dwarves. It's getting -
> Pete: Alright, I'll be a human. A very *short* human. Oh, and I've maxed out my INT and CHA.
> DM: Ugh. Whatever. Just pick a house.
> Pete: Okay, I'll be part of Nick's. They're the richest.
> Nick: Small world.
> Pete: ...

Game of Thrones general.
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Okay /tg/, I'm bored so new game...

I'll post interesting character pictures that I have collected from delving into the dark abyss of the interwebs and then, together, we shall stat him out.

Ready? GO.
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The Dungeon of /tg/. Infested with everything imaginable.

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Hard Mode. These are larger rooms (well some of them) and they also require me to ask: What creatures are in them?

Torture, rape, snuff, the like. Do your worst in populating these rooms.
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Blacks Templar vs. Everything Green

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Orks AND Death Korps in a battle against Black Templars.

1500 points Orks
1500 points Death Korps
2x 1500 points Black Templars

Zeit: 23-05-11-1400
Alarming news from the front: There are rumors about Friendly Fire from Units of the Black Templar. The Colonel said: "THESE ...!! Their interpretation of "Kill the Green Ones" is batshit! Instead of shooting the Orks they're shooting at us, just because we wear green!"

Rearward troops began to color their uniforms in brown but the expeditionary army on the front was already in the crosshair of the Black Templar and they were eager to kill everything as commanded. It was said to kill them, perhaps the Death Korps became Renegades?!
Surprisingly, the Orks were totaly happy about it: "New Green Friends! GREEEEN!" With these words they ran past the Imperial Soldiers towards the Black Templars. We were OK with this, this way we had a living, green protective barrier in front of us.

Everything painted!
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is it possible to do a rpg on this board? I have no friends irl but would love to learn how to play them.
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A retired police officer who lectures police groups on the occult said D & D is:

"...supposed to be a board game, but kids play it for life and death on the street."

That's how we roll on the streets. Shit's hardcore out here, son.
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