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So /tg/, I'm planning on running a campaign but my group sucks so much at makign any sort of rolls, it usually takes half an hour for 2 rounds of combat. I'm thinking of just building the dungeons in Neverwinter Nights and using that for the combat. Opinions? Any suggestions for what to throw at them?

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I was reading this article recently, and it impressed upon me how subtle, deep and meaningful the art of storytelling can be, especially with games. There's so much potential, so many things you can do, so many layers of meaning you can create.

I tried to do this in a game of mine recently, but my players seemed more interested in combat, even when I put up an experience reward for anyone who realised the meaning of the quests they did and what exactly their choices meant, and said about their characters.

I now try to do this in all of my games, admittedly without the xp reward and obviousness, but I think that telling a story is incredibly important and vital to a good, memorable game or story.

Has anyone had a game like this? Where they figured out the history and purpose of a dungeon they were in, or found a deeper meaning in the story that played out in their campaign?
Or if you've done this sort of thing yourself.
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Humans and Elves can interbreed, and their offspring are called Half-Elves.

Humans and Orcs can interbreed, and their offspring are called Half-Orcs.

Elves and Orcs cannot interbreed.

My question is this: can a Half-Orc interbreed with a Half-Elf, and if so what will their offspring be like?
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Playing D&D online

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Ok guys, I've read some threads on /tg/ about people using some programm to play campaigns together online, but I've got no idea where to start or who to ask or when to search

I'm a new guy, only D&D experience I have is with some PC RPGs which used that system (which automatically means= almost none), but I'd like to try it. Can you guys point me in the right direction?

Pic related, it's a graphical representation of my determination to play
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Why are Tau hot?

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Imperial education thread go go.
In the mane of the emperor!
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Does anybody have any thoughts on Zombies? it looks pretty cool but I cant decide if it is worth 27 bucks.
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I am sure a good deal of you have seen this but if you think the type of dice you use doesn't matter then fucking WATCH THIS.


You will be particular as hell after this.

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Holy shit Dawn of War!

I've just started playing this game recently off of recommendations from friends. Imperial Guard is god tier awesome and players of Space Marines and Necrons are all fags. How does this compare to the tabletop?
Also discuss the badassery that is Dawn of War.
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