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<Commissar_Cornflakes> tusken raider campaign
<Commissar_Cornflakes> all players are HUUUUUUUUR HUR HUR
<Aegelward> >every starwars game must go to tattooine at some point
<Commissar_Cornflakes> the funny thing is
<Commissar_Cornflakes> you'd never get past session 1
<Commissar_Cornflakes> because if you're actually playing with SW nerds
<Commissar_Cornflakes> all of you are going to sit there making tusken sounds
<Commissar_Cornflakes> while the DM goes
<Commissar_Cornflakes> "Okay guys, seriously, come on, let's play"
<Commissar_Cornflakes> "Guys, I only get one day off a week"
<Commissar_Cornflakes> and eventually he kicks you out because you won't stop going HUUUUUUUUUR HUR HUR HUUUUUUUUUUR
<Commissar_Cornflakes> and it scared his cat
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After the Brick: The Big Burn

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hey /tg/, saw a spaceship thread here a while ago, can we get another one going?
I'll dump what I have
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Need some inspiration while I'm working /tg/

Awesome 40k custom model picture dump would help.
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Awesome miniatures thread. Go.
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dont know were to post this, but this happend 5 mins ago

>walking back from my quest to get the forever awake potion
>see a drunken old man returning from his quest to the tavern
>as Im walking by, i puff out my chest and say "How goes your evening quest my Friend"
>the drunk says back to me "Wut?"
>so i repeat myself with more bravodo "HOW goes YOUR evenling quest to the TAVERN my FRIEND"
>to which he replies "its going good, i am homeward bond now"
>and i say, "have a merry trip back to thy keep, friend"

he then turned to me, and yelled, "thank you for making my night kid"

anyone have simular storys were you rp'd irl
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Hey /tg/ I've been toying around with a custom race for 40k I plan on building/playing.
It's a Necron army, but with Necrons look based off of BLAME! They are followers of the Outsider.
So, if any of you have some BLAME! art, or art that resembles it, I'd appreciate it if you could dump it here. I plan of dumping what (Little) i got.
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Any of you play Bear: The Mauling?

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The rest of my party laughed when I went Black Bear and put all my points in Foraging but then they all starved to death during the winter while I hibernated like a boss.
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Looking for male slave willing to submit to my every whim and call.

Have cloak, will travel.
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Know what I havent seen in a while? Inspiration threads. ERECTIN' AN INSPIRITATION THREAD RIGHT HERE. Post pictures of things that would help DMs/Players/People get ideas for bigger and better things.
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