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Codex: Kae'Moda Republic

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Here's something pretty big guys, I want you to help me choose a new name for the Kae'Moda. Perefences are for something that sounds Norse, English, or German.

Other than that, just another update. Not much, granted the time passed. I do have five new units up though, but only one fully fleshed out, the Marauder suits. There will no longer be Vindicator suits, but instead they will be incorperated into the Marauders. There will no longer be shoulder mounted weapons either, only that the bigger ones are now two-handed. Note that you have to pay extra for all of that wargear. None of it comes standard.

As always, any help you wanna give, I'll be glad to hear it. Here's the current version:


It's now at 8.5mb, so beware 56k users. Also, if you want to take a peak at the old one to see the wargear (some of it has been removed *cough*Manslayer*cough*) some of the other units, or anything like that, it can be found here:

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Why is /tg/ so fucking addictive? I must confess to wasting hours upon hours on here every day, and I feel strange if I don't get my daily dose.

But when I try to think WHY, I can't answer myself. The board is full of trolls, sagefags and fail. Yet here I remain.

Why are we all drawn here so?
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Hey /tg/, I've recently finished reading the Belgariad and the Malloreon, and the two series got me thinking of a new style of game.

At its base, its a normal fantasy game, but all the PC's are part of a Prophecy, of the same style as used in the books. However, rather than a faggy GM railroad device, give the players the option of negotiating the terms of the prophecy, kinda like how the players construct the imperator in nobilis. The PC's can define their role in the prophecy, what the prophecy allows them to do, the role of any supernatural partners (Gods, spirits etc) and so on. As a balancing agent, for every thing their prophecy can do, the opposing prophecy can also do. For every favour they can call, one can be called against them.

They might not know the entire terms of the prophecy, but if the GM has time he might draft out a short "Codex" of a prophet or two, to give them hints and clues. or, if he doesn't have time, just have one or two NPC's who are investigating such ficticious documents occasionally give them hints and clues on whats meant to happen where.

It needs a bit of fleshing out, but i think it could be a very interesting and novel way to play an otherwise ordinary fantasy game.
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I'm turning into a Nurgle something-or-other here.

So today I'm spraying the bar at work out with a fire hose, and I think to myself, "Hey, I may as well do the toilets too, because some dick decided to drop a shot of Jaeger on the floor in there." (but really, who the fuck does Jaeger in a shitter? Tell me)

Anyway, I'm spraying the tiles on the floor when the hose snags on the pool table in the bar. Hose shifts trajectory, sprays right into the uncleaned urinal trough and I get splashed heavily with off-colour pisswater. Mad as Hell, and I can't change my shirt so I have to endure this for another half hour until my shift ends.

I had a boiling shower when I got off work, but now I have a red rash where the pisswater hit me (up the side of my torso and some on my neck and face). It itches and hurts all the fucking time, and it's puffed out.

So fucking angry.
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I'm going to post this until you like it.

Or I might just leave it here and not post it again.

Actually that sounds better.
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Listen up grots,

My name iz Jon, 'n' I 'ate evry single wun of ya. All of ya are weak, puny, humie-lovers wot spend evry second of their day playin' wif ya selves. Yooz are everyfin' puny in the warp. Carm on, 'ave any of ya ever squished a humie? I mean, I guess itz fun makin' fun of grots cuz of ya own weakness, but yooz take it to a whole new level. Dis is even worse than herdin' squigs.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me wif ya best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I is da Boss of my WAAAAAGH!!!, and da toughest, meanest Ork dere iz. Wot 'ave yooz dun, other than "throw da wrong bit of da bomb"? I also got a big choppa, an' da tuffest Orks around (They just killed some humies; Gitz was SO flash). Yooz are all grots wot should just kill yaselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and me boyz.
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>"We are quite excited that the 40k universe will finally broaden it's horizons, and we hope that, with the help of Lucasfilms, Games Workshop will enjoy a surge of popularity with our new feature film due out sometime in September 2011, Warhammer 40,000: Call of the Emperor."
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++++++++Conversation log date 071181510M41-1+++++++
Status: unclassified and unranked
Summary traits: Juvenile imperial citizen, border system 581B-A

+++Retrieving vox-rec-1 of 1:+++


"I wanna be a space marine."

A most irregular request from a child. What say you, brothers?
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