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I run a Cthulhu game based on Mary Poppins, with a touch of Narnia. The players are all older children (10-14), and we're a couple of sessions in now.

Recently, my players discovered that their nanny has been participating in dark rituals with a street performer. Now, the characters saw part of one of the rituals, and one player realized that the ritual was inspired by a movie we've both seen (yeah, dumb of me), and the player decided that killing the nanny is the only way to stop the ritual. So this player announced that his character (an 11-year-old girl) goes to their father's gun cabinet, gets his rifle, and is going to wait for the nanny to come home, so she can shoot her.

What can I give them a spoonful of to help this meta-sin go down?
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So, /tg/, vampires. Specifically, how to make them cool again. None of this 'noble immortals' faggotry. Proper vampires.

First, how's this: imagine what the sheer mental trauma of dying violently, and then coming (aginisingly) back from that death only to find yourself buried six feet below ground in a solid coffin, and being filled the the overwhelming primal urge to kill and drink the blood of every living being you see, hear, smell or sense would do to the human mind. And then you slowly realise that you can never, ever die. Never get any release.

You'd be seriously fucked up from that. No-one would be fine.

And then you've got a pschotic vampire running around. With all the powers of a vampire. Which I imagine would be more physically oriented than psychically. The human body is capable of some pretty amazing feats, but these are normally on 'safety' - you can't do it untrained because it will result in serious damage to your body. Vampirism grants regeneration to the extent that this damage is healed pretty much instataneously, and on some level, the body recognises this. So things like lifting cars, sprinting the hundred metres in less than 10s, jumping stupidly high, etc, are all possible.

And now there's a mental guy running around with top-end abilities - not superhuman, but at the very highest end of the human spectrum. And he's basically unkillable and immortal.

So, /tg/, any suggestions?
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Maidhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Updated Rules and Overview

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A long time ago, I was able to successfully merge the rules for WFRP and MaidRPG together. After playtesting this hybrid a few times, I am pleased to confirm that the amalgam is extremely entertaining and that both systems are able to compliment and accentuate the other. My revised guidelines follow, although I will be using the same scenario as it still suits my purposes as example.


Setting: The Master is Master Auric Engelhart, the son of a lord from Averland (in the Empire's south). Auric's grandfather served the previous Emperor well in the war against the Greenskins many years ago, and unlike his father he is not content to rest on the achievements of his bloodline. A talented swordsman, he travels the Empire and beyond, slaying beasts and charting unexplored regions so that he may prove himself worthy of his birthright.
Accompanying him are a small number of Handmaidens. Apart from the basic tasks a Maid is expected to perform (such as cooking, cleaning and the like) the Maids erect and disband camp every morning and evening, help Master Auric strap on his armour and even assist him in battle, accompanying him into dark Goblin forests, evil barrows; wherever the Master chooses to fight they follow.
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yo /tg/

i am a funk padre from the Disco Marines, and i came here to see if the rumours are true.

I've heard how you get shit done, how fa/tg/uys have beards of knowlege growing from their necks, and other feats of marvel. But...

Can /tg/ bring the funk?

successful applicants will be taken aboard the groove armada for recruitment and dance lessons. can you dig it?

Peace out

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Good evening /tg/. Anyone wanna play some Icewind Dale 2?

I've posted this in /v/, and someone suggested you all might be interested.

for the game

the required patch

hamachi network is IWD2 vidya
password is derp

Would be nice to have some of you guys in here. IWD2 is based around 3rd ed d&d rules. and if anyone happened to have the game already, that makes things perfect. patch is essential though.
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Lets make some game friends yes?

1.Say where your from and what you play
2.Then find someone close to you who plays too

I'll start.
England [Coventry/Birmingham]
Use to play skaven now I'm starting playing again with 40k and need some new gamer pals

Up for some D&D too but I'm very rusty.
Nothing beats a nice game of zombies though.
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If 3d6 is a curve of d20, what is 2d6 a curve of?

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Hey, fa/tg/uys. How do you use this thing in combat?

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Now that I know someone getting into 40k, I've been thinking about getting back into it myself, but I've got a ton of questions.

I'm trying to choose between Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters. How do the function differently? What is the fluff like for each? Can Daemonhunters work with out Grey Knights? Are Sisters of Battle as cool as they seem?

Help me /tg/, I can't make decisions on my own.
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