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Come on and jam, welcome to the jam.

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Traveller thread.

Does anyone happen to have the PDF of mongoose?
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Hey /tg/! Show me your dragons!
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Beverages of the 41st Millenium

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I bring a question of utmost importance to the anons of /TG/.

What beverages do they have in 40k? Specifically sodas. This is for a rogue trader campaign, since we're playing a "Convert the Heretic" campaign, and we just arrived on a planet over run by a bunch of insane fast food chains and food barons, and we want to launch a competing brand to convert the heretic.
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We have this thread some times and it is fun

so, lets post alternative animals/aliens/monsters
pic doubly true, post real or imagined animals
AND post the pdf, if you have. I am crazy about this book
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Hey /tg/, I am in need of more inspiration for a victorian/WW1/steampunk setting I'm working on. So art dump of any of the 3 listed categories (dieselpunk, clockworkpunk, napoleonic era art also welcome). I will be dumping my stash as well.
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Continuing from

Its Landscape Porn 3: Return of the Cityscape!

I will be starting with a more 80s Cyberpunk vibe and megacities, but I will probably move on to a wider range of cityscapes before the thread is out, so feel free to request a specific theme and I will do my best to fulfill it.
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Intergalactic Conference of Planets

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Members of the Conference, we have assembled here today to address the the growing threat of the Human menace that is now on our doorstep.

We must decide what we must do. The human race has been expanding more rapidly than we ever could have imagined. They have moved beyond their system and have violated intergalactic law, and torn apart the Treaty of Sedna.

Earth is unwilling to negotiate, and they must be held accountable for their actions.

We cannot delay any further. We must act now.
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Hey /tg/, can we have a sci-fi thread? My folder is kinda low.
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Space Station 13

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Hi /tg/! what's your best Space Station 13 moment? .

>be HoS Traitor
>Lawyer asks to talk to me in private
>Says he owes the wrong people some money
>Says he had to join syndicate
>Asks for a plasma tank.\
>I put him in perma and tell him he is an idiot.
>3 hours later station has gone to hell and
>Objectives complete, see plasma tank
>Grab and go to permabrig, lawyer is suffocating
>Drag to sec shuttle, both win.
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