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Hey /tg/, I wanna get into some Warhammer 40k, for painting mainly, but if I find a decent group locally I'd like to play some as well. I've only ever played/painted some LOTR models a while back etc.

tldr: What race would you recommend for a relative noob?
Also, I had my eye on orks, they seem pretty cool to paint and quite unorthodox in 40k, are they shit/awesome tier?
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If you've been a regular here in /tg/ since summer, then you are going to find this completely ironic.

My neckbeard friends have recently invited me back into the fold for some 3.5 (or maybe 4e) hackan an slashan. But they already have one representative of every class and are in need of - you guessed it - a paladin.

I'm totally at a loss. I have no idea what feats or build I should go for, let alone a memorable one. Any ideas, /tg/?
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Return of the Homebrew Epic-Scale Wargame

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The old thread is archived here:

Get the Alpha Rules HERE:

Get the Alpha Rule Book with pictures, flavour text and improved force selection/turn order rules HERE (contains no game rules, use the Alpha Rules):

Get the first Unit Pak, containing AFVs, more APCs and a third Mech class HERE:

With that out the way, it's time for some explanations.

War for the South Seas is a wargame which mixes the most interesting elements of various editions of Epic, with some other elements of Battletech and Urban War. The focus is on combined arms, merging your large clumps of units into small groups and then making the most of their varying skills.
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You open one of the 1002 boxes on this floor and find...

A small opaque glass vial that reads, "Imperial Space Marine Emergency Suicide Kit: Break if captured." It contains a bit of waxy paper, on which is written READ THE FOLLOWING ALOUD: "HASTUR, HASTUR, HASTUR"
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If I have a world that uses clockwork technology and it doesn't have a Victorian era art style, does it still count as Steam Punk?
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So is anyone else fucking tired of cutebolds

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I mean at first they were daww, but dawww corrupts and I keep sexing them having sex and in other retarded situations only a furry could think of.
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/tg/ care to help someone new to this whole scene? I really want to try Jags Wonderland but I have no idea how to get started....http://www.jagsrpg.org/ if you have no idea what I am talking about, pic slightly related

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Whoa.

Okay, so, say that an Inquisitor is investigating a strange case on a backwater planet. A huge young man, as faithful to the Emperor as any other, is showing signs of definite mutations... Starting with the fact that he's 9 feet tall. Further investigation reveals that, by some strange fluke of genetic craziness, that he has every extra organ and bio-chemical change as a Space Marine. And he's not the only one, after all, as other members of the population are beginning to show signs of this.

So... Where does this get filed? A miracle of the Emperor? A strange mutation which is just as worthy of helping Humanity as an Ogryn or Ratling? Or just is the prospect that it's a big Chaos plot too risky to chance?
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let's start a discussion, elves are pussies....
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